Notes&Posts 2017-18

This is where I collect and share my inspirations, working processes, ideas, reflections, interests, encounters…

02 December 2018

Here is a memory from last week’s conference Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Szeged University, Hungary. A marvellous experience in a jewel of a town, with interesting speakers and topics. We presented the project Tabula Impressa and we are very grateful to Wolfgang A. Grabow for introducing so well and interpreting our work to such a passionate audience.

10 June 2018

THE SPHERE OF ETHICAL FORCE from the series ‘Tabula Impressa / Apocriphisms’
27 November 2017

Image transfer and egg tempera on board, 14×16 cm, 2013

“Viewpoints, humiliations of a sort, from the roof of an imposing edifice, arrogant ministry wrapped up in its own décor. With meek and pleasing manners manipulating the inexplicable.
Moments, masquerading as World missing a leg, do not resist decipherment. Evasive and feeble memories heaving with the arrogance of life. How do you decipher the urgency of a momentous event? Kneel in front of altars for invocation of benevolent spirits, muses, idolatrous goblins and boredom. Sanctified impermanence is the irrefutable proof that time doesn’t, couldn’t, shall not, must not …intuition informs you, not the imposing figure of a scientist stroking his beard in a room where one-dialled clock has the means to awaken strange intimacy.
Willing prisoners to a world of lines, intersections and contours. The rolling head of martyrs. Searching for beginning worthy of existence.”
Text by Kiril Bozhinov, 2013

05 November 2017

Somehow I haven’t managed to write as much diaries as I would have liked throughout the years.
This series of Fondali (meaning in Italian ‘backdrops’ and ‘seabeds’ at the same time) comprehend works on paper as well as on textile and board. Amongst them are my Annuari (Yearbooks), where I assemble a visual composition either utilising consciously the vocabulary of Tabula Impressa or choosing intuitively some of the signs and compositions that remained unclassified in the project. Through these works, I process the state of minds associated to events and experiences during a given period of time. Annuario/Yearbook 2016, work in progress.