Glossary of Implications

Glossary of Implications is a visual poem part of the project Tabula Impressa.
It features some of the imagery from this composite project: some of the works Apocriphisms, and a selection of circular signs in their raw state, as photographed on London’s pavements, which were used to create Harmos, one of ten categories of the work Cache.

The video investigates the nature of symbols, questioning the ever-changing meaning of words and images in regards to their belonging to a specific narrative or visual vocabulary. Using three keywords as a cue, it is also a reflection upon man’s eternal quest to make sense of the outside world and inner reality, and his effort to describe life objectively but, at the same time, assert his own perception of it.

Single-channel digital video, 10’45” (2021). Original artworks in colour from the series Apocriphisms by Francesca Ricci (2013). B&W photographs, texts and words by Kiril Bozhinov. Video Edit: Francesca Ricci. Voices: Francesca Ricci & Gaston Gorga. Original soundtrack by Gaston Gorga © 2021