Tabula Impressa | Apocriphisms

Drowning in a pool of light

Image transfer and egg tempera on board, 14×16 cm, 2013
Nature is omnipotent. Intellect omniscient. Resemblance is a fetishistic process disrupted by its precipitation over the limits of the cosmos.
In too much anticipation, too much enthusiasm.
Pursuit of infinite impossibilities and clamour of expectations are intermediaries between origin and its coordination. Various species complain of misbegotten corporeality. Phantoms agonising in complete solitude. Two I love yous reaching for reconciliation in the ninth mode of understating shadows by Giordano Bruno.
Stimulation of the senses is an intermediary between an origin and an origin. With the right tools at your disposal everything is permissible. But, that’s beyond the point. Every brilliant epoch is born without an effort. Without pangs of conscience.

Text by Kiril Bozhinov, 2013

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