Tabula Impressa | Apocriphisms


Image transfer and egg tempera on board, 14×16 cm, 2013

The birth-pain of liberation. Slaughter. Crunching of broken glass under sceptical feet. The idea of good perceived with an effort. Enigmatic spectacle cannot exist in reality. Prestigious deception salutes infinite impossibilities. Purpose. Remember purpose?
Grand occurrence. Remember, must never be left without one. Stories are composing themselves out of precarious meanings.
With an incredible effort of profanation, resulting in impotent mitigation of circumstances. Associate murder with reincarnation and the end result is reputation. Promise and hope are only words and regrets. The fabric of the mind is a matter of the most sensitive disputation. The sum of rambling through mazes of ciphers and sighs.
The Deposition is a beautiful linguistic expression. Evolution of grimaces. Salute the world of knowledge. Remember knowledge?
The miscalculated leap into the unknown.

Text by Kiril Bozhinov, 2013

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