Tabula Impressa | Apocriphisms

Double portrait with parched lips

Image transfer and egg tempera on board, 14×16 cm, 2013

There are many things both invisible and visible. The fleeting smile of a dismaying thought. Sacrifices. Tools for composing inverted farewells. Secret yearnings on a theoretical canvas. Charming inversions, it all amounts down to vertical conversions. Into what nightmares have you fallen? An accusatory finger will never abandon its impossible plight of emotions.
Associate passion and defeat with convenience on a square root, and they all blend into comfort. No trace remained of the last silence. Let me be thankful to the depths of your deeds, to the wishes of the word. The formlessness of sound. The colours of imagination.
The solution of belonging. Consecration of thoughts bears semblance to the movement that defines it all.

Text by Kiril Bozhinov, 2013

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