Tabula Impressa | Apocriphisms


Image transfer and egg tempera on board, 14×16 cm, 2013

Viewpoints, acknowledgements of a sort, supine topography, commanding a degree of respectability. Pedantic misunderstanding enlightens this confusion. The autocracy of fiction is bi-rational: a) lonely attraction of minimal surprises; b) serial manufacture of satisfactions. The fabric of imagination, the possibility of imagination, profanity of imagination, psychology of imagination, insinuate the world was created as a result of an argument.
St Julian the Hospitaller murdered his parents in their sleep and spent the rest of his life washing the mud off pilgrims and wayfarers. A creative projection gathers its strength and whispers: like a child to a mother, like an abandoned lover, like two assassins whose hands trembled at the most decisive of moments. Mysteries, after all, never reveal their secrets.
Andrea, Andrea del Castagno, what is you problem?

Text by Kiril Bozhinov, 2013

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