As a visual artist my practise is often project-based and relates to other fields of expression and disciplines, such as the written word – literature and poetry – photography, the cinematic image and music.
I am interested in exploring the reciprocal contamination of word and image, and the territory where they meet, with attention to the narrative of the image and the visual potential of the word.
I am fascinated by traces and signs, not only as bearers of meanings but also for what they evoke on a personal level and moreover as entities in themselves.
Making work is a sort of alchemical operation, the result of mixing many ingredients.
Each series of work has therefore a genesis and a concept of its own, which is never totally pre-constructed, but develops organically as the work progresses.
Born in Florence, Italy, where she graduated in Stage Design at the Fine Arts Academy, Francesca Ricci lived in London for many years, before moving to Valencia, Spain, where she currently lives and works.
With writer Kiril Bozhinov she has developed two projects and bodies of work, I Beg You to Hear Me! (2011-15), and Tabula Impressa (2013-ongoing) which have been exhibited and presented internationally in UK, Italy, Hungary and Spain. Tabula Impressa was featured in Abraxas Journal (2013) and mentioned in Dazed and Confused (2013). She has also exhibited internationally in many group shows.
She has been involved in various projects, from fringe theatre productions to independent publications, and has contributed to several printed and online publications writing on art, literature and film. In 2003 she published  in Italy the collection of short stories ‘I buoni e i cattivi frutti’ (Clinamen).
She co-curated the London-based independent publications for art and writing Interlude magazine (2004-2007), and 20×20 magazine (2008-2013), assembling contributions from worldwide artists and writers.
In 2015, together with musician Gaston Gorga, she launched PNEUMA, a collaborative project including song-writing, spoken word, live performance, sound manipulation, improvisation and visuals. PNEUMA have performed live in London and had their short experimental films, including their signature piece Barattolo di Sale/Salt Jar, screened in several international film festivals and events.
Since 2007 she has also regularly collaborated with London-based curator Rose Issa. As the production manager for Rose Issa Projects’ exhibitions and publications. she has supervised the publishing of many publications relating to contemporary Middle Eastern art, such as Arabicity: Contemporary Arab Art (2019), Signs of our Times: from Calligraphy to Calligraffiti (2016), Arab Photography Now (2011) and Iranian Photography Now (2008).

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