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A short write up about the Anarca cards in Francesca Gavin’s ‘Divine Intervention‘ feature in Dazed & Confused, Volume III/27, November 2013
“Tarot imagery is so rich that it can be reworked in incredibly diverse ways. One of the most leftfield is by London-based Italian artist Francesca Ricci. While studying in Florence, she became interested in the relationship between visual art, music and symbolism in anthropology, spiritualism, mysticism and psychology. In 2011, with Kiril Bozhinov, she created Tabula Impressa, a project “based on the urban semiotic found on London’s pavements”, for which they collected hundreds of images of the spray-can scrawls used for marking maintenance works on the ground – dots, lines, crosses, arrows, question marks etc. Ricci was amazed that an alphabet could be extracted from the lines and used in the context of “signs, symbols and systems of interpretations found throughout civilisations and centuries.” The result has to be one of the most abstract, inventive takes on street art in a long time. Ricci’s artworks can be used as tools to tell the future or seen as representations of the city and its undercurrent of 
history, meaning and transformation.”

‘Tabula Impressa’
An illustrated essay in Abraxas Journal Issue 4
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Launch event: Treadwell’s Bookshop, 33 Store Street, London, WC1
Friday September 20th, 7-10 pm
This night launches Abraxas Issue Four, with a night of partying, presentations and readings. Short Tarot readings will also be available throughout the night. In addition to the feature in the magazine, a limited edition of Anarca prints, tarot cards inspired by London’s urban landscape, will be offered offered as part of Abraxas limited hardback edition.
Abraxas 4 will also be launched in Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, 26 September 2013 and New York University, 18-20 October 2013

dalla Rosa Gallery, London
5-26 April 2013

dalla Rosa is proud to present the new project by artist duo Bozhnov/Ricci, Tabula Impressa is a visual-semiotic exploration broadly based on the Jungian idea that man is not born as a blank canvas but already carries elements from a communal, ancestral background. The exhibition includes works on paper and a new series of painted icons that reflect the duo’s interest in incorporating traditional techniques into contemporary practice. “The starting point of this project is a collection of signs gathered from the streets of London over the past year. This colourful and multiform alphabet, based on chance discoveries and carrying a limited vocabulary, has been classified in ten categories according to their shapes and arrangements, and grouped by their sensitivity to human experience and knowledge.
“The surrounding circumstances – pattern of pavements, climatic conditions, presence of other elements in the immediate vicinity – and the embodiment of each sign with an inner meaning creates tools for a variety of descriptions and interpretations of reality.”
“Instead of alphabets and words, a structure appears where dots and lines build the coordinates for a spatial representation of language. There are levels of categories with signs interlocked in creating compositional worlds, events, whose progress shapes into forms assuming their own natural grammar, a silent dominion with strict inner principles. An organism with functional syntax and voracious vocabulary.” (Kiril Bozhinov, 2013)
Exhibition images – Exhibition catalogue

 dR_LAF_2013_Invitedalla Rosa is proud to present the work of Bozhinov/Ricci and Christina Mitrentse at the London Art Fair, Art Projects stand P5 (January 16 – 20, 2013). As part of the 2013 Art Projects we are showing Celestial Bodies , a curated display focussing on two aspects of landscape: detail and space. Using similar media Mitrentse and Bozhinov/Ricci create different sets of images, the former drawn to the skies, the latter looking into the mysterious semiology found on urban streets.